Read What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Dr. Hannan, D.C., The DRX9000…and Their Results!!!

“I wish there was a way to describe how great my back feels since I have finished the DRX9000.  I was in so much pain when the injury first happened and now I have my lifestyle back and NO PAIN!  Both the treatment and the staff are so wonderful,  it is very hard to describe….It’s great!  Within 2 weeks after starting the program my pain was gone. I would and have recommended the DRX9000 to everyone I know that has a back problem.” Gail G.

“I could hardly make if up the steps when I first arrived here.  I was on the DRX and now have “0” pain in my back.  I had bulging discs L4 & L5.  It took 6 weeks, but I am totally pain free.”  Peg Y., Counselor

“In 2000 I went to a chiropractor for pain in my back.  Over $1000.00 later I went to a new chiropractor & acupuncturist, which helped a little.  I also had 2 steroid epidurals, which did nothing. I bought a Temper Pedic mattress ($2800), 3 pair of Zcoil shoes ($180each), Goodfeet inserts ($350) and an Inversion table ($100).  After all that time and money I still had back pain in my lower back and leg.  Dr. Hannan put me on the DRX-9000 Spinal Decompression table and gave me my life back. I am 44 years old and had no life due to pain.  I worked (by the hardest) then went home.  NO SOCIAL LIFE.  Since the DRX treatment my outlook on life has completely changed thanks to Dr. Hannan and the CHC staff….God bless them.”  Cheryl C., Hair Salon Owner

“I’m glad I found out about the DRX-9000.  I didn’t think there was anything I could do about my situation outside of having surgery, and I didn’t want to go that route.  I’m very thankful that I invested in this procedure.  My pain is almost a “0” in my back and the pain in my leg has greatly diminished.  Getting on the DRX machine is very relaxing and the staff makes you feel very comfortable.  I’m glad I found out about CHC and the DRX-9000 program otherwise I would probably had to deal with the pain for the rest of my life.  I recommend the DRX because it works.”  Alex G.,

“I don’t really know how to say “thank you” for giving me back my life.  Simple things like eating dinner, driving on a road trip, or a walk in the park all were impossible.  After the DRX, I can now live again. At first, the money upfront was a concern but the price is so small for the changes and joy it brought back into my life!  The staff was great; they went out of their way to make me feel like family!”  Dennis L., 25yom, Hotel Management

“I was having severe lower back pain and some difficulty walking.  I want to sincerely thank you all, Dr. Hannan & your staff, for providing this wonderful DRX Treatment.  I have been PAIN-FREE for about a year now and have no trouble walking and doing all my activities.  It has been so good to be pain-free, my back is really better than ever!  Thank you so much!”  Susan S., 53yof

"I am a 54yo registered pharmacist with a post graduate doctoral degree in pharmacy who works as an oncology specialist with a multi-national pharmaceutical company.  I have been talking to traditional physicians about traditional medicines and therapies on a daily basis for over 30 years.  Yet, when I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back and researched my alternatives, I choose Dr. Hannan and the DRX program at the ChiropracticHealthCenter. It was clearly the correct choice for me.  I wanted a course of treatment that would be painless, effective, allow me to continue working, and eventually allow me to return to my hobby as a low-handicap golfer.  The DRX program and the CHC met all those lofty goals.  Dr. Hannan worked with me until all the pain and stiffness were totally gone and I was totally satisfied with the outcome of my treatment.  The entire staff at the CHC is incredibly friendly yet highly professional and caring.  Today I am pain free and I have resumed my very active lifestyle including golf.  I would recommend this program to anyone genuinely committed to getting well without surgery or drugs."  
Rick S., PharmD

“I don’t believe there are enough words to express how I feel about the DRX Treatment Program!  When one experiences as much pain as I have in the past compared to completing the program I wonder why it took me so long to seek treatment.  My pain level is non-existent!  The staff at CHC is courteous and very professional – this clinic is second to none!  No more pain and no more sleepless nights!  I highly recommend this procedure for all those who suffer with back pain and don’t want surgery, don’t hesitate- do it now!”
Oscar E., 70yom, Retired

“I have never in my 52 years gone to a doctor that shows so much concern about a person in pain.  They are the most caring & helpful people.  I have all the faith in them, and yes, I am 100% better!  I couldn’t sleep a full 7 hours at night, now I can sleep all night!  I’m so glad that my son Nicholas talked me into doing this DRX-9000 Program!  I tell everybody I know about the CHC and their great staff!”
Jean T., 53yof, Homemaker

“I would definitely recommend the DRX treatment program because of the success that I had and the fact that I avoided having surgery.  I no longer have leg and back pain and I don’t have any more numbness.  The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is very friendly.  Everything I needed improvement on was done and I can’t think of anything that would have made the treatment program any better!”
Donald G., 45yom, Operations Mgr.

“Since my treatments on the DRX-9000 my pain level has greatly decreased.  Everyone at the CHC has been so nice and helpful.  I am now doing the EB-Pro Cellular Cleanse and feeling better with each treatment.”
Lynn M., 71yof, Retired

“The DRX program has helped me out a lot.  It has changed my way of doing things and improved my quality of life.  I am so thankful I didn’t have to have surgery.  Dr. Hannan and her staff are really good people with a caring attitude which made the experience more bearable and yes, it works!”
Joseph S., 47yom, Warehouse Employee

“I have been living with back pain since I was 18 years old.  I’m now 62 and a recent car accident made the pain and frequency of the pain a lot worse.  I found an ad in the newspaper for the DRX-9000 and decided to call and find out more about it. That was the first step in becoming PAIN-FREE!  I finally know what it’s like to live without pain.  Everyone at the clinic is super-nice and very professional.  Now I can say what I’ve heard many of the other patients say, it’s the best money I have ever spent!  I now have zero pain and much improved flexibility which allow me to do many things I couldn’t normally do, like taking long drives in a car.  Thanks again to the CHC!”
Nolan G. 62yom, Retired

"I’ve had ongoing back problems for the last 10 years.  Each time with the help of physical therapy, I recovered in a month to six weeks.  This time I didn’t bounce back.  Instead of physical therapy the doctor recommended surgery.  I wanted an option that offered a long-term healthy back, so I could continue backpacking, canoeing, or other physically active hobbies.  I think the DRX Program is the best treatment option because it offers nutrition, healing and core strengthening where as surgery has multiple risks (anesthesia, nerve damage, etc) and no guarantee the pain will be gone post surgery.  I have no doubt that my DRX  treatments have given me a healthier back, a stronger core, better posture and now I can look foreword to a future full of outdoor adventures.  Thank you Dr. Hannan and Chiropractic Health Center staff for the positive support and encouragement.  I wish the DRX Program was available 10 years ago.  I would recommend this program to anyone with disc problems.”
Teresa B., 52yof, Teacher

“The DRX Program has been very beneficial.  In the first 2 weeks I noticed some relief in pain and by the 12th session I really started to notice a difference.  Each session started with a little pain on the first couple of stretches and with each session I felt a tremendous decrease in pain.  My back feels so relaxed after treatment unlike the tightness and achiness I felt for years.  I feel like I have an 80% decrease in pain overall and would recommend Dr. Hannan and the DRX Program to anyone with lower back pain.”
Johnny D., 34yom, Construction

“My experience with Chiropractic Health Center has been a 100% positive one.  Dr. Hannan and her entire staff made my DRX Program a happy and comfortable experience.  From my first treatment to the last I experienced no pain and only occasional stiffness in my neck and shoulders.  By the 10th treatment I was completely pain free.  I can resume my favorite activities with my husband and family.  Also, I can now sleep pain free.  I feel Chiropractic Health Center’s approach by using therapies along with the DRX 9000 is why I improved so fast.  Thank you CHC!!!!!”
Jeanne L., 66yof, Retired

“The DRX Program is the best decision I’ve made for my back in a 14 year period.  The treatment process was completely pain free, and allowed me to continue working during the process.  The changes I experienced have been life changing.  I went form a 10 to a 1 on the pain scale.  Instead of my life revolving around pain and misery, I can now focus on my total healing to getting my life back.  I am able to go out and enjoy things I missed out on – concerts, festivals, nieces and nephews.  My quality of life has improved thanks to Chiropractic Health Centerand the DRX Program.”
Jennifer B., 32yof, Self Employed

“I experienced recurring morning back pain.  The pain would go down my legs and into my feet.  The DRX Program has made a BIG impact. Since coming to Chiropractic Health Center there is no more pain.  The DRX Program has to be the reason for the improvement because this is the only thing I have done differently the past month.  I have to say that this DRX Program has worked for me.”
Herbert D., 56yom, Warehouse

“I am a 24 yr. old student at Southeastern and it is a great relief to be able to carry my school bag on my back and being able to walk to my classes without being in pain.  Before the DRX treatment I would have pain medicines on my night stand for me to take when I woke up in the morning,  but now I no longer need pain  medicines to get out of bed, and  I am happier when I wake up!  It makes my day better, knowing that I can go throughout the day without being in pain!  The staff is very friendly and concerned about my wellness!  They accommodated to my needs during the treatment and the DRX room and table are very relaxing.  Yes,  I would recommend this procedure to another person because it was painless for me and I am 100% out of pain!” 
Michelle S., 24yof, Student

“My back feels 100% better than when I started the DRX Program.  Although my neck was not targeted in the procedure, I haven’t had an ache in my neck since the treatments began.  I can now work all day or drive for hours without any pain.  It’s a relaxing treatment in a relaxing Christian atmosphere; everyone was so personal yet so professional.  Thanks to Chiropractic Health Center staff and DRX Program I can now work and live again without constant back pain.”
Hilbron H., 51yom, Cook

"I can now do everything, including work and pleasure activities that I did before the injury.  I do not need any type of pain medications to do these things and that is a big plus for me.  I would recommend the DRX Program because a lot of people that had back surgery for a problem like mine are still having pain and I'm 90% pain free since my treatments at CHC.  My back now feels a lot stronger and more stable than even before the injury."
Carlos L., 43yom, Construction

“Since being treated with the DRX-9000 I am able to get out of a chair and sleep on my back again!   I am now sleeping better and I’m able to do my gardening without worrying about hurting myself.  I feel so much better in my movements and when I sleep, I would want everyone with back problems to be able to feel as good as I now do after my DRX Program.  Thank you, Dr. Hannan, and your entire staff for being so sincere and helpful.”
Frieda L., 58yof, Housewife

“Being self employed I need to be able to be free of back problems in order to operate my business.  The DRX Program enabled me to do so – I’m back to my normal lifestyle!  Thank goodness for the DRX Program and everyone at Chiropractic Health Center!  Also, being an avid outdoorsman, I’m able to get back to the hobbies which I love!”
Robert B., 35yom, Construction

“I began my DRX treatments with pain in the area between the L4 & L5 due to two bulging discs.  Since the treatments the “pinched nerve” feeling has subsided and I can lean forward pain free!  I would recommend the DRX 9000 Program to anyone having disc problems and I believe it may be the only remedy for problems like mine.”
Jill M., 54yof, Pastor

“Before I began the DRX Program I couldn’t sit down for a very long time because the pain would be unbearable.  After the DRX Program I can sit, stand, bend and sleep with no problem at all!  It’s amazing!! ”  
Richard R., 27yom, Maintenance

“When I first started the program I was in constant pain, by 6pm in the evenings I could barely walk.  After only a few treatments my pain lessened.  Upon completion of my program, I’m presently pain-free and haven’t been this way for over 9 months. Yes, the DRX Program works! No more pain, now I can enjoy life again!”
William A., 57yom, Attorney

“I have had tremendous change in my lower back pain since being treated with the DRX-9000.  I am now able to function again without pain and I’m looking forward to returning to work.  Dr. Hannan and her team are wonderful and very caring towards their patients.”    
Marliz R., 50yof, Reg. Nurse

“I’ve had a long history of neck and low back pain. I’ve had two surgeries in both areas my first low back surgery was 1984 and second was 1987.  I’ve had low back pain since 1984.  The surgery helped me some but condition never completely went away and worsened over time.  My neck surgery was successful at first but the pain returned. I feel the DRX 9000 is the best treatment for back pain.  I’ve tried everything out there and nothing has helped my back pain like the DRX 9000 program at Chiropractic Health Center.  My lower back pain is 95% better from my treatment even though my neck was never treated my neck pain is 100% gone. I’m now able to bend forward and drive for long distances without leg pain. I sleep better and my walking is better. Before treatment I could not stand in one place without moving around due to pain now I’m able to do this.  Everyone at Chiropractic Health Center is great!!!  I would recommend the DRX program to everyone with back pain.”
J.W. J., 62yom, Maintenance

“I was skeptical at first about the DRX-9000.  I figured it could not do any harm to give it a try.  I am glad that I did, my back feels so much better!  Within a couple of weeks the numbness in my leg started to fade.  I was also able to sleep on the right side of my body (which was once a painful event).  I found out I was pregnant at the end of my session.  My back did great throughout my pregnancy.  I feel without this treatment I would have had a bad time with my back during my pregnancy.  I am very thankful that a co-worker found the ad in the newspaper for the DRX-9000.  It has given me my life back!”
Loni H., 27yof, Medical Technician

“After 6 years of severe back pain from one ruptured disc and two herniated discs I began to seek relief.  Two epidurals did not work and I became very depressed since I could do no walking, shopping or even dust my house.  As my 75th birthday approached I was led to the newspaper ad for “help with herniated disc.”  I visited Dr. Hannan’s office and Kelly showed me a video about the DRX-9000 and I agreed to give it a try.  After two treatments I was PAIN-FREE and if I wore my belt I was able to go shopping and do light housekeeping.  The DRX-9000 has given me a new attitude on life.  I still see Dr. Hannan once a month and we’re planning a 35 Day Cruise in July 2008.  CHC, I love all of you!!!”
Patricia H., 75yof

“By the time I saw Dr. Hannan’s ad in the paper, I had seen three orthopedists, an acupuncturist, and a chiropractor and had been in pain every day for over two years.  I was never a candidate for surgery, for specific medical reasons, but I would have declined it anyway.  My other options were endless cortisone shots or periodic epidurals.  I declined both options and had resolved to live with the pain-I was already getting used to it.  When I first learned about the DRX Program, I thought the premise was brilliant because I have my own inversion table I use regularly.  I was apprehensive about the cost because my insurance company was not going to cover it, but after much deliberation, I decided it would be a “last ditch effort” to minimize the constant pain and discomfort.  I felt better after the second session! I am still in treatment and continue to improve daily.  I would recommend this program to anyone with back problems.  I have never regretted my decision.” 
Kelly L., 39yof, Attorney

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